Lighthouse Properties PLC invests in both direct property and listed real estate as well as infrastructure securities in selected jurisdictions.

Physical property investments are focused on retail assets across Europe and the United Kingdom. Lighthouse Properties targets properties with strong sustainable income from high quality tenants with strong likelihood of renewal of leases on expiry.

Lighthouse Properties’ listed portfolio is well diversified with a focus on real estate and infrastructure investments.

The Company’s believes that with re-domiciliation to Malta it is well positioned to expand further into the EU through new acquisitions that meet its investment strategy and in addition to maintaining its current shareholders it will attract new international investors. The Company intends to take advantage of the business relationships, skills, market knowledge and experience of its Team under the guidance of its Chief executive officer, Justin Muller to fulfil its business objectives.

The company is currently listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) which allows it to raise capital in South Africa, having regard to the strength of the directors’ relationships and the known interest of investors.

The Company’s investments may be held through subsidiaries incorporated in appropriate jurisdictions for the purpose of maximising tax efficiencies of the Company’s underlying assets. All business operations will be carried out by Lighthouse Properties.

Lighthouse Properties is led by a team of individuals with significant experience and successful track records in real estate and fund management and having sufficient and satisfactory experience in the management of global businesses.